The methodical “milestones

Since its foundation the transfer institute has continuously developed and extended its portfolio of services with a view to utilizing mystery shopping results:

Complex and personal mystery shop (focus on finance and automotive industries)

The institute’s own model for quality scores

On-site coaching
At the end of the mystery shop, the mystery shoppers reveal their identity and offer direct feedback. The content of such a conversation follows special guidelines, which are customized in agreement with the client so as to meet their individual needs. The objective of the feedback is to draw attention to the training content and  motivate employees to implement sales guidelines consistently.

Our best mystery shoppers take part in role-play scenarios in certification processes.

Explorative interviews with salespersons
Following the mystery shops, the mystery shoppers are consulted by way of exploratory interviews; by drawing on the shopping experience they have just had, means for optimizing the sales and consultation process can be identified.